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8 days of Yoga, Ayurveda & e-Biking in Lefkada

23-30 September 2023

What is included

7 nights accommodation in Petronas Villa in Karya, Lefkada
Daily brunch and dinner freshly cooked according to Ayurvedic principles
2 Yoga asana classes per day including pranayama and meditation 
2 seminars about principles of Ayurveda
2 guided electric bicycle tours 
Yoga mats, blocks and straps that you can borrow during your stay

Airport transport (Aktio-Preveza)


Not included:

Flight ticket to Lefkada

Travel insurance

Daily schedule example

08:30 - 09:00 Kriyas - cleansing techniques & wakeup infusion drink (optional)
09:00 - 10:15 Morning Yoga Asana class 
10:30 - 11:30 Brunch
11:30 - 17:30 e-bike tour / Ayurveda seminar and/or free time 
17:30 - 19:00 Evening Yoga Asana class
19:00 - 20:00 Dinner
20:00 - 22:00 Goodnight infusion drink- Free time
23:00 Quiet time

The Activities

Yoga Asana and Meditation

The style of Yoga being taught is Hatha with elements of Vinyasa as well as more in-depth explanation of alignment when deemed necessary. There will be two Yoga sessions daily. The morning practice will be more energetic and dynamic and the evening practice will have elements of Yin Yoga for relaxation and in depth stretching. Breathing (Pranayama) and meditation techniques are incorporated in the classes and there will be some separate meditation sessions throughout the retreat. The level of practice is suitable for beginners to advanced students. Classes will be led in English, however we also speak fluent Greek, Italian and French collectively.

The e-Bikes

During the retreat you will get a chance to take two guided tours on board a high quality electric mountain bikes through an itinerary carefully selected for its lack of traffic, spectacular views and adventurous feel. The tours and e-bikes are offered by Lefkada e-Bike Adventures.

Ayurvedic Workshop

There will be two workshops taking place during this retreat offered by etheryogaayurveda:  Ayurvedic Philosophy & Self-care Routines
Body, mind and soul are all parts of our whole self and they shouldn't be treated as separate parts. Using specific Ayurvedic practices we can support the body, quiet the mind and warm the soul. 
Through a four-hour Ayurvedic workshop, we will know a little more about this science, but also about ourselves, as according to Ayurveda, to prevent any imbalance and learn how to maintain our health in our everyday life, we must first know our personal constitution.

1st part «Ayurvedic Philosophy»:

-The 5 elements and the 3 Biological Energies of the Human Body & Mind (Doshas).
-Description and identification of the 3 biotypes: Vata, Pitta, Kapha and their characteristics. 
-Determination of the Biotype of the participants (Test Dosha)
-The importance of
Μetabolism (digestive fire) and its effect on our health

2nd part «Self-care & Wellness Daily Routines»:

-Nutritional & Lifestyle practices for every Biotype.
-Self-care daily practices that achieve longevity and prevent diseases.
-Daily practices to include and the ones to avoid for a strong Metabolism.
-Analysis of the most important Ayurvedic Herbs, oils and spices and how to use them on our everyday practices.


Petronas Villas is a newly built 3-floor maisonette in Karya village, at an altitude of 500m and with an outstanding view, surrounded by a wonderful pine forest.
On the first floor, there is a 170m2 living room with an equipped kitchen next to it, a comfortable dining room, 2 fireplaces, 2 bathrooms, and the best part; a heated swimming pool, a hydromassage cabin and a sauna!
The other two floors have 8 bedrooms combined, with each one having its own bathroom and balcony.
These features combined with the beauty of the surrounding nature create a calm and unique experience.


Karya is the biggest village in the mountainous Lefkada. It is a traditional village yet offering everything you might need during your stay. You will be able to enjoy its large square, with cafes and restaurants, the green nature around it and its tranquility. At the same time it is only a short driving distance from the islands best beaches and the main town.

Rates & Rooms
There are 3 accommodation options:
1 person in private single room with ensuite bathroom - 1350€
2 persons in a private twin room – 1150€ p.p.
Shared room with up to 5 people – 1050€ p.p.

The Food

Nutrition is one of the most important parts of our Retreat. We design the entire menu according to Traditional Medicine of India (Ayurveda), in order to support and strengthen our immune system and bring peace and tranquility to the mind and soul.

2 meals per day are included: Brunch and dinner. Vegetarian / vegan meals (on request: gluten free, allergy problems). Welcome dinner is included on the 1st day and Brunch on the last.
Beverages are also included to accompany meals and stay hydrated: A Welcome drink, Ayurvedic smoothies and morning & night infusions.

All ingredients are 100% organic, local and seasonal. Each dish is freshly cooked and we do not use processed or frozen ingredients. 

The meals we will be serving should be enough food quantity and quality to keep you going during the retreat week. Should you also want to experience some of the local cuisine in restaurants and taverns we will be happy to recommend some worthy options on our island.
Please let us know in advance whether you have any allergies or special dietary requirements.

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